DocumentBuilder merging styles from MS Word documents created with different language settings.

When attempted to merge a document created in a Dutch office version with a document created in a English office version the resulting document ends up with default styles from both documents insid...

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Problem with images in Header/Footer

Hi, I am using this library to merge large numbers of genereted documents together. Sometimes these documents contain Picutres that repeat in every document. The library is supposed to reuse these...

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Images in Document Builder Not getting Reused.

I am combining the same document multiple times with different information in each but the same images. I noticed in Document Builder it is supposed to reuse images but it is not. Looking on line...

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FormatException Error in HtmlConverter.cs

In HtmlConverter.cs you might get an FormatException error message at the following lines within ConvertToHtmlTransform(), s. also attachments: ... var tabWidth = (decimal)tabWidthAtt; //<------ ...

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RemoveSmartTags and RemoveContentControls are not independent

MarkupSimplifier settings allow to specify both RemoveSmartTags and RemoveContentControls indenpendantly. However, the code in RemoveCustomXmlAndContentControlsTransform() -- which is called if any...

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Incorrect CSS Background Definition

When converting from a .docx file to HTML, the tool returned CSS including background:#auto; for a <td> element. This has caused problems with other libraries trying to parse the CSS.

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NullReferenceException in AnnotateForSections

If I launch Word 2013, create a new document, type "Test", save it as type "strict OpenXml", and then try to convert it with a call to HtmlConverterHelper.ConvertToHtml(), I get a NullReferenceExce...

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Headings not converted correctly to HTML

I have a document where the headings are not converted to HTML correctly. It seems that if you have a heading with a background color set, the resulting markup contains a span wrapped in a div wher...

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ChartUpdater sets the wrong range for the Edit Data screen.

After updating the data in an embedded chart within a Powerpoint slide using the ChartUpdater, the chart shows the correct data, and the range is correct, but if you right click on the chart and se...

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html to open xml and vise versa

We have a Kendo UI editor in our MVC4 application. We are entering formatted text and embedded images in the editor and finally we are getting html from the Kendo UI editor. Our doubt is ...

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