Issue in Document Builder while merging docx

Hi, I am getting object reference to not set to an instance while calling DocumentBuilder.BuildDocument. I have downloaded the source code and find that in below function in below line the error i...

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Failed to load chart in html from docx

Used OpenXMLPowerTool 2.7.04 Tried to convert a word document containing a chart. Failed to convert chart into html file. Also tried to convert .doc but failed

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Cannot convert embeded images.

I am trying to convert embeded images , but giving some errors.

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OpenXmlMemoryStreamDocument does not create valid SpreadsheetDocument

The following method within the OpenXmlMemoryStreamDocument class does not create a valid "minimum workbook" as defined by the Standard ECMA-376: public static OpenXmlMemoryStreamDocument CreateSpr...

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DocumentBuilder issue with restarted lists

DocumentBuilder version 2.6.00 (downloaded with PowerTools for Open XML 2.7.04) does not handle numbered lists correctly when these are restarted. For example, if you have a style like List Numbe...

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DocumentBuilder doesn't copy theme overrides

Heya If you have a document containing a chart which uses a theme override, that override is lost when using the DocumentBuilder. I attached a simple example document. It's body only consists of ...

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Error in WorksheetAccessor.ForceCalculateOnLoad

In PowerTools Core 2.7.03 the method WorksheetAccessor.ForceCalculateOnLoad fails if there is no element S.calcPr. The method then adds the element but doesn't update the value of the variable "ele...

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Nuget and extensibility

We been using DocumentBuilder extensively in our project, but We have following difficulties, which I believe incorporate into this library will solves problem for not just mine but for other proje...

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HtmlConverter should use customer number formatting to avoid culture issues

When using HtmlConverter with a thread culture with another decimal seperator than a comma (e.g. most European languages), numbers in CSS style are formatted invalidly. As an example, "1.25in" migh...

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MarkupSimplifier not removing smartTag / std

This method is not being called recursively unless the start element is a W:smartTag or W:std (which never happens). A possible fixed is documented inline: private static object RemoveCustomXml...

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