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Merge Document Issue



I have merge many word template document using document builder.Each document has header and footer.But first page does not have header and footer.After merge all documents i got below two issues,

1)Second page header is add with first page also.But first page does not had any header and footer.
2)If one word template has only half of page content then next template content also merge with this.But need next template content start with new page.(please find the attached image for this problem)

How to resolve above two problems.Please provide solution.!

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EricWhiteDpe wrote Sep 10, 2015 at 4:33 PM


I recently did work in this area with the new DocumentBuilder that is in the PowerTools on GitHub.

Also, PowerTools on CodePlex is no longer being maintained. Give the GitHub version a try, and if you still have issues, kindly raise the issue on GitHub.

Cheers, Eric