Running PresentationBuilder in Mono .net envirnoment

Mar 8, 2015 at 8:38 AM
I am trying to run the following code in linux based environment (Mac OS)
List<SlideSource> sources = null;

sources = new List<SlideSource>()
  new SlideSource(@"/Users/Ameer/Desktop/OneDrive-2015-03-04/1.pptx", true), 
  new SlideSource(@"/Users/Ameer/Desktop/OneDrive-2015-03-04/2.pptx", true), 
   new SlideSource(@"/Users/Ameer/Desktop/OneDrive-2015-03-04/3.pptx", true), 
However, i got the following error when running it :
OpenXmlPowerTools.PowerToolsDocumentException: Operation not valid when package is read-only
  at OpenXmlPowerTools.OpenXmlMemoryStreamDocument.GetPresentationDocument () 
The code runs fine in Windows 7.

Is this a bug, any suggestions on how to resolve this issue?