PowerTools for Open XML contains source code and guidance for accomplishing various common tasks using the Open XML SDK, such as:
  • High-fidelity conversion of DOCX to HTML/CSS using HtmlConverter.cs
  • Merging and splitting DOCX documents using DocumentBuilder.cs
  • Merging and splitting PPTX presentations using PresentationBuilder.cs
  • Accepting tracked revisions in DOCX documents using RevisionAccepter.cs
  • Searching and replacing text in DOCX documents using TextReplacer.cs

Combining the technologies of PowerShell and Open XML is a powerful and convenient way to do server-side document processing. The PowerTools for Open XML also contains sample source code and guidance for developers showing how to build PowerShell cmdlets that can create and modify Open XML documents. Also included are a number of examples of PowerShell scripts that use the cmdlets.

Documentation, articles, and screen-casts about PowerTools for Open XML at the PowerTools for Open XML Resource Center at OpenXMLDeveloper.org.

Important Notes:
  • PowerTools for Open XML 2.7.01 Source Code is now available. Click on the Downloads Tab. This screen-cast shows how to build and run. Key enhancement for this release is the new HtmlConverter module.
  • If you want to run the PowerShell cmdlets, you need to build and run PowerTools for Open XML version 2.2. This screen-cast shows how to build and run.
  • Whereas previously, DocumentBuilder, HtmlConverter, and RevisionAccepter were available in their own zip files, we now are delivering all PowerTools for Open XML modules in a single zip file. One reason is that these modules are now refactored to use the utility classes. Another reason is that we are going to be releasing new versions of PowerTools on a much more frequent basis, and this simplifies the process of building releases.

DocumentBuilder is a very important part of PowerTools for Open XML. All information on DocumentBuilder 2.0 is consolidated in the Document Builder Resource Center.

To install and build the PowerTools for Open XML from source code, please see the readme in the release, or watch this video that walks through the process of building and installing PowerTools for Open XML 2.2.

See this page for a complete list of cmdlets in PowerTools for Open XML 2.0.

If you have any issues with downloading, building, or using the PowerTools for Open XML, please feel free to contact Eric White: eric (at) ericwhite.com

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